Hello, beautiful soul,

It’s easy to be worried.

Worry is something we’ve learned to do to occupy time but that doesn’t mean we’re actually worried. Think about that and you may realize what you really are is afraid of the unknown.

Think about something you’ve got going on in your life right now. You might be spending time in the swirl because that’s what you’re used to doing. But are you really worried? Or are you more scared about what’s changing and what’s to come?

The thing we seem to be afraid of is the unknown. And if you feel…

Are we sincere about waking up?

Yes? Even if you’re like 10% yes, that’s perfect too.

Waking up is scary. This is big work. But honestly, I’d rather be working it than continuing on in the same old suffering, telling the same old stories, believing the same old bullshit about myself. And my life. And my possibilities… and then investing in all of that drama again and again.

What about you? The part of us who suffers on a regular basis, wouldn’t it be nice to help that part?

Then maybe it’s time to work on using your suffering to…

Hello, beautiful friend,

Happy day to you. I hope the night went well and you are feeling refreshed and mighty today. And if you aren’t, here is my best hug with rainbow sparkles and an extra dollop for later.

It’s a sunny day here and the birds are singing. I have my favorite rose tea in a pretty mug and I can’t help myself, I am smiling :) Maybe it feels bold to say it like that because of where we are in the world today… not everyone is okay and feeling this way, but I am choosing to anyway…

Hello, sweet friend,

So much love I send from my heart to yours. How’s the weather in your heart today?

I’m writing this to you as the sun is setting — there’s a beautiful pinky grey sky and the trees are so freaking vibrant against that backdrop. I am breathing all of it in, receiving these wows like nutrients.

I’ve been walking for miles out under these colorful trees. I swear, standing beneath them feels otherworldly :)

I wonder what it’s like to be so brilliant, so vibrant that you’re practically singing? To be that bright and free. To just…

Hello, sweet friend,

I’m sending love and a hug. How is the weather in your heart today?

I find that the more I practice “loving what is,” exactly as it is, there is another part of me that begins picking the lint off everything in a furious way. This part of me seems to be attempting to invent problems just to stay alive and intact.

You probably have felt this too as you are making your way in the practice, right? You find another part of yourself trying to suck you back into the chaos.

If we aren't careful, we…

Hello, sweet friend,

I feel happy in my heart to have this time to write to you. How’s the weather in your heart today?

I was just out in the garden picking flowers for a little bouquet. I picked more weeds than flowers. I love the weeds. I can’t help it, the weeds are the magic part. They are the ones lots of us want to get rid of so there’s room for more flowers. But wow, have you noticed the powerful way weeds bloom?

Wowzie wow. I say let them come. …

Hi, gorgeous friend,

Sparkles of light I am sending from my heart to yours. How is the weather in your heart today?

This has been a wild week. Wild! Lots of energy moving. We are shedding the old energies as we cross the bar into new territories. There are energetic swells — definitely supportive, but not always the smoothest to experience. And we also had something called the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8, which I continue to experience as a tightening of the gap between us and the Divine.

If you’ve been feeling tenderly, or like you’re shedding a skin…

Hello, beautiful friend,

Love and hugs I am sending from my heart to yours. Whoa, talk about a week. Can we gather together inside the huddle and share some hugs and tea? I would love that.

How are you doing? How’s the weather in your heart?

Fear can arise in these times. Fear for ourselves, for our friends, for the world. But especially, fear that’s connected to your personal journey. The things that happened to you in the past can get highlighted in your nervous system. The stuff you’re still working out can light up right alongside what we are…

Hi, sweet friend,

Sparkles and light I send from my heart to yours. I pronounce this day magical, miraculous, magnificent!

I hope you have something yummy to sip and you’re in the comfiest spot as you read on (if not, go ahead and I’ll wait…).

I’ve just been sitting outside in my future Summer Sanctuary (un-fancy name: The backyard). I could hear and see and feel it all around me: the vibrancy of life. And how precious WE are, and how precious each and every moment we’re here is.

Even the birds were singing “pre-cious! pre-cious! Prehhhh shusssssss! Sometimes, they…

Robin Hallett

Intuitive Energy Healer and Light Sparkler 🌟 spiritual guidance + gentle reminders of who you truly are 💗 https://www.robinhallett.com

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