Hello, beautiful soul,

It’s easy to be worried.

Worry is something we’ve learned to do to occupy time but that doesn’t mean we’re actually worried. Think about that and you may realize what you really are is afraid of the unknown.

Think about something you’ve got going on in your…

Are we sincere about waking up?

Yes? Even if you’re like 10% yes, that’s perfect too.

Waking up is scary. This is big work. But honestly, I’d rather be working it than continuing on in the same old suffering, telling the same old stories, believing the same old bullshit about…

Hello, sweet friend,

I’m sending love and a hug. How is the weather in your heart today?

I find that the more I practice “loving what is,” exactly as it is, there is another part of me that begins picking the lint off everything in a furious way. …

Hi, sweet friend,

Sparkles and light I send from my heart to yours. I pronounce this day magical, miraculous, magnificent!

I hope you have something yummy to sip and you’re in the comfiest spot as you read on (if not, go ahead and I’ll wait…).

I’ve just been sitting outside…

Robin Hallett

Intuitive Energy Healer and Light Sparkler 🌟 spiritual guidance + gentle reminders of who you truly are 💗 https://www.robinhallett.com

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