I Welcome You In, Weedy Things, Come Share Your Beauty With Me

Robin Hallett
3 min readSep 4, 2020

Hello, sweet friend,

I feel happy in my heart to have this time to write to you. How’s the weather in your heart today?

I was just out in the garden picking flowers for a little bouquet. I picked more weeds than flowers. I love the weeds. I can’t help it, the weeds are the magic part. They are the ones lots of us want to get rid of so there’s room for more flowers. But wow, have you noticed the powerful way weeds bloom?

Wowzie wow. I say let them come. I welcome you in, weedy things, come share your beauty with me.

You and I have lots of weeds!

So many weeds!

And you know what? They are beautiful.

What would it be like to decide here and now that every objection you carry about yourself is something to love?

Think of something you can get focused on about you — is there something you don’t like or wish would stop repeating in your mind?

Here is this gorgeous “weed” showing itself to you. It has real staying power, too. It is persistent. It will not be gotten rid of so easily. So why not welcome it in for a bit?

When I look at my tendency to judge myself for not being this or that thing… I decide to look at that. And I see all these blooms. I see strength and courage and stamina. I see persistence. I see uniqueness. Originality. And I admire this so much. And then… THEN! I realize, I also see God in this part of me I am trying to kick to the curb. Wow. All I can do is say thank you. Thank you. This is me. Thanks for me, exactly as me.

This weed you don’t like, how do you know it isn’t meant to be? What if it’s a gift?

All of you is a gift.

All of you is a spark of the Divine.

You are the essence of God expressing itself through you as you in this lifetime. And that means no part of you is a weed.

No part of you is a weed! Even if you don’t believe me, I am telling you true.

The parts you don’t love are the best parts of all. They have secrets to tell you. Light to share. Will you spend a little time with them today?

Big love, hug yourself from me today. And I hope to see you at Morning Magic at 9 AM CDT if you’re able, deets, and a photo of my bouquet below!

Sending love and remembrance of who you truly are.


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