Infinite and Timeless

Hello, beautiful friend,

Love and joy and peace I send from my heart to yours. Welcome to another week of our collective experience. And dare I say it? Welcome to another week of infinite possibilities for us both.

How is the weather in your heart today? Are you being kind and gentle with yourself?

In the midst of everything happening now, it’s so important that you give yourself plenty of time and space to rest and relax… lots is happening in your energy field as you are processing and experiencing all that’s going on. You may feel tired. You may feel unmotivated. Watch your tendency to judge yourself for this.

It is okay to not push yourself. It’s okay to rest. It’s okay to let yourself press pause.

That moment of pausing is when the guidance, solutions, and gentle reminders we’re often seeking will come. That’s when the energy takes its chance to reach you :) So if you’ve been feeling feelings of afraid or stressy or wondering what is coming next, it’s doubly important to take that pause.

But, if you’re like, Wait, Robin, I am busier than ever right now… I get it. It’s still important to allow some spaciousness in your day. It’s important. You are important. Find the way to make this happen. Do not let your guilty conscience rule you.

I am listening to the birdies and wind chimes and even people out for walks with their dogs right now and I gotta say, there is so much life happening out there right in the middle of all of everything else. Let us not forget that there is aliveness and okayness going on too. Just look at all the green of Spring!

Where you can find me this week:

I am offering healing sessions on Zoom and telephone, and it’s going wonderfully well — if you’d like to schedule some one to one time, find me here.

Every morning at 9 am CDT, you can find me on Instagram Live where I share healing, answer questions, offer inspiration and light. Connect with me here: @robinhallett (I’ll be there today!) and the replays post to YouTube here. If you’d prefer to listen to the audio files of these talks, find them here.

Sending love and remembrance of who you truly are.


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