Never apologize for your light. It is mighty. Share it on.

Robin Hallett
2 min readMar 9, 2021

Hello, beautiful friend,

Happy day to you. I hope the night went well and you are feeling refreshed and mighty today. And if you aren’t, here is my best hug with rainbow sparkles and an extra dollop for later.

It’s a sunny day here and the birds are singing. I have my favorite rose tea in a pretty mug and I can’t help myself, I am smiling :) Maybe it feels bold to say it like that because of where we are in the world today… not everyone is okay and feeling this way, but I am choosing to anyway because joy is a healer. I want to offer it freely as much as I can to myself, and to you, and to the whole world. For that, I will not apologize.

There’s a dampened energy around the collective edges to be sure, but our somberness will not help those who are suffering, no. It’s our joyful noise, our smiles, our warmth, our giggles, and spontaneous fun that uplifts and heals. And if you’re the one in need today, this goes doubly for you.

Everyone is free to choose this or not but I vote we take up joyful space which might otherwise be used for who knows what! Let’s share our smiles. Let our warmth come through. Even if we are the only company we keep today. It will help. It will add. It will bless.

This world needs more YOU in it, and staying in your joyful light will offer the best in the most effortless of ways.

Never apologize for your light. It is mighty. Share it on.

I’m here sending love, and always at the ready to hold your hand,


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