Weird is the New Normal ❤

Hello, beautiful friend,

It’s me, Robin, checking in. Welcome to another day of our new experience. How is the weather in your heart today?

I’ve been saying to friends, “Weird is the new normal,” because that’s how this time feels. It’s strange, it’s different, and nope it is not the usual. And yet, I continue to receive messages of hope and inspiration when I quiet myself. I feel assured and guided to share with you that all is well, even now. We are moving toward a time when we might even hear ourselves saying, thank you for all of the good which came to be.

Have you had this inkling as well? I do understand that today may not feel like a jumping for joy day. There is uncertainty to be sure. Lots of weird to this new normal.

If there was ever a time for our spiritual practice to become our standard operating procedure, it is now.

So let’s both take a quick assessment, let’s tune in and ask, how have I been doing with my practice in these times? Are there any areas where you could double down and so help yourself? I sat here for a moment as I typed that and was transported to the time when #1hubs was newly diagnosed with cancer and we were definitely in the scary territory with lots of weird going on.

At that time, I had asked for a dream and boy did I get one. The only thing I remember now was waking up with my finger raised in the air and I was shouting SPEAK LIFE.

That phrase was powerful medicine. It was both a battle cry and the navigational route. No matter what was happening, Speak Life was the answer.

This feels like that time again. A time where we can choose powerfully how we are going to roll. May we stand strong and speak life over anything else. Let’s be intentional. Let’s be powerful. Let us choose to be HERE in the way that is alive. Let us speak life. Love. Miracles.

Now in this weirdly new normal, it is doubly important to be intentional with your practice, your thoughts, your time… and be sure to give yourself some space that is just for you.

A few things to keep us rocking it out together this week:

Every morning at 9 am CDT, you can find me on Instagram Live where I share healing, answer questions, offer inspiration and light. Connect with me here: @robinhallett (I’ll be there today!) and I post the replays to YouTube here.

For the foreseeable future, I will be talking about this time and how we get through on the Tea with Robin podcast. You are invited to join me there, new episodes air every Monday here or wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts.

For my A Course in Miracles friends, here are my recorded meditations from the workbook which may feel supportive now. Enjoy them for free, here.

If it helps you, please reach out. Always, we ride together. And scroll down, more links below.


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P.S. Rest and quiet time for the win. You need it, I need it. I am noticing lots of us need to acclimate to being home and just coping with all that’s happening in the world now. I hope you’ll make a little space for you to do that today.

The Tea with Robin Podcast: Love and Miracles in Times Like These and How to Keep Your Perspective in a Coronavirus World // Tea with Robin Episode 81

Love from the blog: The Journey is a Crooked Line

The meditation offering this week: All is Well (a favorite of all time!)

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