You Are Meant to Thrive Even Now

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Hello, sweet friend! I wanted to share some inspiration for us now — lots of us who are Creativepreneurs are wondering how to prosper in these Coronavirus times. In this post, I will share the truths about you and your awesomesauce. May this go to just the right hearts today!

We are all deserving of abundance. The secret is — you have to make space for it to enter your life. The easiest way to make it happen is to focus consciously on at least one of these steps every day.

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Ask and it is given.

If you want to create abundance in your life, it begins with an abundance mentality. So what is your mindset like?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

So, what are you asking for? Even when you aren’t consciously asking, you’re asking! If every thought, feeling, and action you take is an ‘ask’, what have you been asking for?

The stuff you focus on–what you think about, the beliefs you hold in your heart, those rumblings in your solar plexus make up the vibration you’re putting out to the Universe, or asking with.

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Be the change you want to see

Tell me more about the abundance you’d like to call into your life. Call that feeling up into your energy, vibrate at that level. Be the change you want to see.

Heard of fake it till you make it? It’s time to start! So, how do you want it to be? It’s time to shine like a diamond, baby!

If you want to have abundance, prosperity, ease, joy in your life, then you gotta play the part NOW, before the evidence is even here! The name of the game is feeling great while you wait.

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The Universe is your source of abundance

When it comes to creating abundance, you are just no match for the creative force of the universe!

It’s a mistake to believe that you alone make everything happen in your life. When you do that, you limit the possibilities of well, everything! Let God be your source and you go about the business of shining your light and being authentically you.

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Notice your thinking

Stinking thinking does not create abundance. Mental complaining- how many of us are doing that? We’re “ordering up” the energy of conflict and discord on a minute by minute basis every single day.

Are your thoughts kind and compassionate? Are they supportive of you? Or, do they throw you under the bus?

If you’re feeling kinda crispy, you might need a little visit from the Love Sheriff.

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Decide you ARE worthy of receiving abundance

Can you tell me the truth about something? Do you believe you are worthy of abundance? Do you believe you can hold onto abundance once you create abundance in your life? I notice a lot of people just do not believe they are worthy. Or they believe they can create abundance but can’t hang on to it. Decide you are worthy of creating and receiving abundance. It’s a decision you and only you can make. Sometimes it’s a practice to realize that there is a lot of amazingness to the being that is you

If you’re not comfortable tooting your own horn, then it’s time to shake things up!

The truth is, you are here to do something wonderful with your life. You’re an important part of the journey we are all on. The Universe is counting on you sharing your beautiful self with the world.

When you’re in alignment with who you truly are, and are sharing your gifts with the world, abundance comes to you easily and effortlessly. It’s not a struggle at all. So, put a YES in your heart from this day forward. Decide you ARE worthy!

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Attitude of Gratitude

If you want to create an abundance mentality, you have to start with a grateful heart. Abundance goes hand in hand with gratitude and if you don’t feel grateful, it’s impossible to create and keep abundance. Each day I practice three reasons why I am grateful for the abundance around me. I often do this as I check my bank balance, I have learned to do this after the anxiety I was feeling became so great that I had to make a change. So practice an attitude of gratitude. Every single day there is something to be grateful for. In fact, every single minute of every single day, there is something happening you can feel grateful for.

If you don’t already do this, then start. Make it a practice to find things to be grateful for, especially when it’s challenging. Work this like a muscle, and you will feel nourished and blessed in your life. Get into the habit of saying: Yes, thank you, I’ll take some more, please.

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No fear mantra: Love is my Dharma, there is nothing to fear.

There is NO way to call in abundance when you are in a state of fear. Abundance and ease are the same. Another way to say that is abundance = love. If you aren’t vibing on love, you aren’t vibing on abundance. I am not talking about sappy puppy love, I am talking about an energy of peace and ease. The course in miracles says that only love is real. Having your dial set to love is definitely a practice. Yet when you do make love your practice, you will quickly recognize when you are falling out of alignment with love and you’ll feel it because you’ll be feeling fear, or stress, or anxiety, or anger. Watching our thoughts is very important. We need to keep asking: Is this a loving thought or a fearful thought?

This is your rodeo, baby. Perfect love casts out fear.

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Compassionate awareness

Become an observer of the situation rather than one who experiences it.

Ever bounce a check? Ever have creditors call you? Ever have your card declined as you go to pay? It’s easy to lose perspective when fear and negativity creep in. In the flash of an instant, you can become small-minded and forget that Universe is your source.

Compassionate awareness of the situation means you see the story coming up for you as just another story. It’s one thing to observe the story, and another to let it run the show. Abundance is energy, it’s a state of being. When you’re flowing with ease and compassion and gratitude, you’re also flowing with abundance!

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Everyone is eligible

You are eligible for abundance. You qualify. There is nothing you ever need to DO in order to keep that qualification, everyone is included. Every single person on the planet is. You have not been forgotten, I promise

It does take action on your part–it’s just like the lottery, you’ve gotta play to win. But if you don’t believe me, the Course says, I am entitled to miracles! A miracle is a shift in your perception. So are you willing to have a shift in your perception?

Creating abundance, calling it in begins with a knowing that you are eligible my friend. Sometimes our scarcity thinking gets in the way and we feel jealous of other people’s success. It can feel like other people are stealing our chances and there won’t be anything left for us… you have to practice knowing that you are eligible. Remember, the Universe is your source, and there is plenty to go around. Besides, what’s meant for you is ALWAYS for you

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The secret to creating an abundance mentality

You’ve got to make space for that abundance to enter into your life. The easiest way to make it happen is to focus consciously on these steps every day. Print out the image I created and put it where you can see it every day. Practice. You are entitled to miracles! Abundance is your birthright! You have not been forgotten! Ask and you shall receive.

Where you can find me this week:

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Trust in this time. Beautiful shifts are happening at a light-speed we may never have imagined. Keep that close to your heart.


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