You’re Even More Magnificent Than This, What if You Knew It?

Hello, sweet friend,

So much love I send from my heart to yours. How’s the weather in your heart today?

I’m writing this to you as the sun is setting — there’s a beautiful pinky grey sky and the trees are so freaking vibrant against that backdrop. I am breathing all of it in, receiving these wows like nutrients.

I’ve been walking for miles out under these colorful trees. I swear, standing beneath them feels otherworldly :)

I wonder what it’s like to be so brilliant, so vibrant that you’re practically singing? To be that bright and free. To just be. Not trying or pushing or pretending to be. Not apologizing, not shrinking back, no explanations as to why.

As I admire these trees, not once have I said, You’re too bright. You’re too shiny, too much. Who do you think you are? You better tone it down, tree.

We celebrate trees. We plan outings just to see them at this time of year. We celebrate their vibrancy.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to celebrate ourselves in the same way? Receive our own beauty. Let ourselves be alive and free. To hum with the aliveness of simply being ourselves.

Let’s live like that for today, let’s be the wow we see in trees. Can you? Will you?

I love having you in the world. Sending love and hugs to you always, I am here to walk with you in session if you’d like more support. And I’m still hosting Morning Magic daily on Instagram, 10:00 AM EDT.


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Intuitive Energy Healer and Light Sparkler 🌟 spiritual guidance + gentle reminders of who you truly are 💗

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Robin Hallett

Robin Hallett

Intuitive Energy Healer and Light Sparkler 🌟 spiritual guidance + gentle reminders of who you truly are 💗

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