Meet You in the Garden

Robin Hallett
3 min readMay 22, 2020


Hi, sweet friend,

Sparkles and light I send from my heart to yours. I pronounce this day magical, miraculous, magnificent!

I hope you have something yummy to sip and you’re in the comfiest spot as you read on (if not, go ahead and I’ll wait…).

I’ve just been sitting outside in my future Summer Sanctuary (un-fancy name: The backyard). I could hear and see and feel it all around me: the vibrancy of life. And how precious WE are, and how precious each and every moment we’re here is.

Even the birds were singing “pre-cious! pre-cious! Prehhhh shusssssss! Sometimes, they were calling your name, too. And I could tell they were singing to you deep in the heart. How beloved you are, how much you matter! How good you are. How beautiful you are inside and outside.

I want us to all be sitting here together in this sweet garden space. I’d serve the best treats and definitely have your favorite tea. We would speak to the energy of this time and I’d remind you that it’s okay to be gentle and easy with yourself and we’d laugh and laugh about all the things. You know there’d be tears too, but that’s what makes it all so special.

But since you’re there and I’m here, I thought maybe we could have a virtual garden party today.

Here are the things I most want to say.

Have less judgment on what you should be doing with this time. Let’s rest a bit more. Make a stack of books to read, take up some Soduko, listen to some opera.

In those sparkling and inspired moments that do come, however far and few between, let’s speak life into what it is that we really and truly want to call in for ourselves at this time.

You are worthy.

Live loves you and wants you to thrive and prosper in this time. Yep, even now.

I invite you to consider what you really really want. It’s not selfish. It’s not silly. It’s not rude or inconsiderate to want things now. The Universe is listening. Be intentional with your focus.

Call on the feelings of freedom and joy and ease and delight and YES! Give yourself one moment with me in the Summer Sanctuary and let’s dance our way into the feelings of being alive, aligned, and free.

Sing to your feelings, sing to your desires, sing to the healing you want to call forth in the world. This is manifesting in action.

I wonder, will you do it?

Every time you do, it blesses you. It blesses your life. And it blesses this world.

Place the feelings you want to feel inside of your heart today. This is your meditation, this is your practice, this is your healing.

Lots of love. We are riding together!


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